Soothing Truth

Try to imagine a world where everyone tells the truth

Because of the truth being told, you can trust everyone. There would be no edge where you could tell a white lie, you would have to learn how to make the truth sound good and soothing even when it was not.


Looking closely at signs of fall

Looking closely at signs of fall


It would be a nice thing because you would never wonder about whether someone is lying to you.
Truth would be a skill developed by many because you would have to learn how to be soothing when you told someone the bad news because many would find you abrasive and cruel if you did not find good ways to talk about bad things.

Truth would be  valued  and honored  because no one would be left wondering about anything and the simple, soothing truth would always be there for you.
You would never trick yourself into believing falsities because you would know the truth about yourself and the world.

Learning about truth

I am going to begin a goal of learning more about truths and how to live with knowing everything about myself and others. This healing way will take me through into my old age where I don’t have time to wonder and dream about better times; the times will be now, in the moment where I need to know the truth.


Grief would be a longer process for some, shorter for others because everyone’s truth about life and death would be a truly different experience; involving spiritual and angelic truths individualized and special. No one would say, ” It has been a year now, grieving time is over.”

Sheltered from the storm

Do not shield anyone from the truth about life; even the young need to know about the bad things such as war, destruction and people who are bad. Being sheltered from the storm may help many people but they eventually have to go out on their own, finding their own shelter and learning about the good, bad and ugly things in life; the many truths about being human and living life well.