Healthy Changes

Small Changes can mean a lot to the entire healthy living picture

Wherever you are you can begin to make those changes that you want to make with some tiny steps toward the goals you have. Any kind of goal is helpful, and there are so many avenues to travel. Do not travel too fast, you want your goals to last, and when you struggle a bit to attain those needed changes, you will remember how you got there.

Emotional, spiritual, and physical wellness techniques

I love to make changes in my many selves such as changes that benefit me emotionally. Learning how to better control some of my emotions such as anger is important to me as well as a spiritual component that helps called  mindfulness.

You may want to begin your spiritual path with mindfulness where you learn how to relax better through mindful breathing techniques. You can take a yoga or meditation class that may help you to begin down this path, self-study on mindfulness and its philosophy or start working with a progressive therapist who includes mindfulness in his or her practice.

Healthy eating and modalities such as tapping and acupressure

I have tried mindfulness on my eating patterns; learning how to slow the eating down and put down the fork between bites of food. Another area that I have focused on in my healthy living goals has been on learning about acupressure and tapping; both can help with emotional and physical pain along with opening all the energy in your body which can help you to feel more balanced.
When you start out small, it is not overwhelming to take some steps toward your healthy living exploration.

My first steps in wellness

Putting some abundance in your life with some healthy eating

Putting some abundance in your life with some healthy eating

I began slowly with my diet; planning smaller more nutritious meals and taking a nutrition course online which helped me to learn some skills related to eating better, more mindfully and making cooking fun.

Before I knew it I became a vegan. But that is my own personal goal which I moved toward slowly by eliminating first red meat which I found to be highly inflammatory to my body. This elimination continued until I became meatless, and then cut out the dairy.

Nutritious Diets
Today I consider my diet full of nutritious foods and have replaced my protein with various types of beans, grains, green leafy vegetables, and some  high protein shakes  if I need something extra during the day; and a B vitamin supplement just in case I am not getting all that I need in B vitamins.

I do not try to influence anyone on becoming vegan or vegetarian. You know your body; it is a personal healthy living decision that I made that has been a good choice for my wellness goal. There are other healthy ways to begin with diet; organic fruits, veggies and meats may be where you want to start with living life better.
What is your healthy change that you want to start with?
First write it down and take a good look at it before you begin.
There are so many better ways to live today. I find Yogic living a treasure too. Guiding myself with meditation daily is my goal right now. And through yoga I am able to center and balance myself better than I used to. In yoga you begin to believe that everything deserves life; you become kinder and more in touch with nature. And when you begin a healthy goal of not harming yourself with chemicals, unhealthy eating, and unhealthy emotions, you begin to feel better.
Yogic ways also consider the diet and you can self-study some of the theories on Ayurvedic remedies which may be helpful to your diet and health.


Begin your travels down the healthy lane and choose a passionate goal of living life better in mind, body and spirit.