Pictures of hope

Good places in the heart

There is a place in my heart that is empty because so many happy moments have come to an end for me but I can try my best to fill that empty space with some loving thoughts and deeds that others may benefit from.

Find a space in your heart where there is a sacred spot that helps not only you but others to grow¬†by filling the empty space with love, caring moments and harmony. Just like birds singing in harmony as you walk through your path today, fill someone’s day with some harmonic ways that can be healing; sending your positive energy to everyone you meet.

Weeds can be beautiful too

Weeds can be beautiful too

Everything in life ends; the good and the bad, so you need to stay in touch with your inner spirit to grab onto those memories and make them clear pictures in your heart.

Visions of goodness in your life

Picture hope shining through the sad times, and visualize the many happy days that bring a smile to your face.

My happy days include the birth of my children. The feeling of love so deep that it hurts inside but it is also a good pain of loving times.

Other visions I keep in my mind’s eye are the happy times when my children were little; playing hide and seek in our yard as I sat on a picnic table taking pictures of their happiness.

Beauty is everywhere

You can find beauty in anything; even weeds in the late summertime can be an inviting thought to bring to your mind when you are feeling sad or lonely. When the beauty of summer and fall pass into winter’s cold days, there are still beautiful still moments in snowy days where the flakes fall so peacefully and the silence is wonderful to embrace.

Take some time today to visualize your special times that you can re-connect with at any given moment so that in good and bad times you are there listening, smelling and breathing in the silence of your life with an awe moment.


Find your inner soul to share your visions with rising above your vision to gaze down at the  beauty of nature, seeing your children running in the green, soft grass or watching the birds in the trees singing their special songs in harmony and grace.