Things you can change

You only have one life to live; take control over the things you can change to help you feel better about yourself and others.

When I want to feel better I choose the color pink to wear throughout my day

When I want to feel better I choose the color pink to wear throughout my day

Do not waste precious time on this earth with petty things or anger at others; this is just wasted energy and never has a good outcome.
Become the person you want to be; strong, in touch with yourself and others and there for everyone who needs you.
Strive for the good things in life like spending more time with family and friends. Those are the things in life worthy of your time.
Time  passes by and you do not want to regret not doing some of the things you want to focus on right now.
Stop putting things off waiting for that perfect moment in time. The moment is here now, with you and you need to pursue.

Sort it out

Sorting it all out and taking control of the things you can change may be a difficult task but it is worth pursuing right now. I begin with a list of the things in life that seem to be stagnating me or I feel sad about and then I look at each one carefully, pulling it apart and back together again and then deciding whether or not I have any control over the situation.

Choose your actions

When you decide on what it is that you want to change and you know that you truly want to do it, you are ready to begin. Many people like myself stop at this step because they have fears about taking action on things that may call attention to themselves or disrupt someone else’s life, but you have to make that decision; only you can decide to act on something that may change your life for the better.

Do it with passion

Years ago when I decided to retire early I spent a lot of time researching, planning and deciding when my last day would be. And I did not feel rushed or stressed about it because I was well informed through my research and decisions made about what I would be doing after I retire. This made the transition to this good change in life much easier.

Healing Ways

My retirement decision was a good choice because it brought me to a time in life when  feel calm most of the time and now I have me time and this time is good for me; helping me to heal from the stressful job that I held for too long.

And I continue to develop more healing ways that keep me focused on staying happy, content and balanced in life. I decided many years ago that one of the most important things in life is to keep yourself well in mind, body and spirit so that you are healthy enough to help others who may need you.