Gentle, calm and centered

Be gentle on yourself first and then you can bring that compassion that you have developed on yourself to others.
You would think that it would be easy to do, but most of us think of others before ourselves.
Today, make it the first day of your life when you concentrate only on you and your well-being;finding that place in your heart where you feel better doing some of the things that you enjoy and have put off.

Looking down your path and taking a long breath

Looking down your path and taking a long breath


Moving out of your patterns in life

It may be difficult at first trying to be good to yourself when you have been only concerned with others for many years.

You may need to try it out slowly; giving yourself a gift, spending the day alone to get in touch with your inner soul, or giving yourself permission to rest longer in the morning. Find your own way to be gently in the groove of yourself.

Allow your life pattern to stop for a moment in time; letting you off at the corner of life and taking a step on your own. You will find beauty in the stillness of nature and the quietness of your breath.

Purposefully slowing yourself down

Breathing in and breathing out wonderful deep cleansing breaths that help to slow you down, and then focusing on what is truly important to you so that you can proceed with finding yourself; tapping into this gentle new way that you can be in at any given moment in time.


Rest for a moment right now and feel the energy in your body; standing straight and strong; building the confidence you need to be gentle on yourself.

Realize that you have the energy inside of you to do anything that you want to do right away. You do not have to wait for things to change or ask permission from anyone. It is only you who needs this gentle time and you will benefit in many ways as you proceed on the path toward goals that you may have thought you would never accomplish.

You will be wherever it is that you want to be; living life well because you took the time right now to begin.