Knowing yourself

Creating moments

What do you need to know about yourself that will bring you greater success in your future? What do you need to know that will make you happier?

I know that I love taking photos of nature and I have gotten better at it through the years. And it brings me next to what I like to do; visualize beauty and stillness.

finding ways to catch the beauty of water in a photo

finding ways to catch the beauty of water in a photo


Are you  trying to find ways to set goals and live life happier but we really don’t know anything about yourself or what you like to do?
How do you begin to get the confidence you need in yourself to be able to set those goals?
Are you confident or do you feel that you need some ways to boost your confidence?

I believe that what helped me the most about my confidence is learning new skills and you do not have to go back to school to learn them. Self-study may be a good start for you to boost your knowledge and confidence in areas that you are interested in.

And it is easier as a first step to begin with self-study. Pick up a book on a topic you enjoy and have a creative moment discovering things that may become a passion in your life.

Begin with something new and exciting

Try something totally different in your life. A new career does not have to be after many years of study; ask anyone who has started their own business. Some start with great education on management and business and others begin by the seat of their pants because they have confidence and passion in what they do.


Volunteering in an area that interests you is a good start on your way toward your passion in life. Find out about what you enjoy in life through volunteering in the field.

I was a volunteer teacher at many different places before I decided to try it out as a profession; obtaining the needed credentials. And I still teach yoga, a passion of my for over 30 years.