Caught in the rain

Get wet once in awhile

It is good to let the rain pour onto your body, and it feels great when the rain water is warm; a soothing way to feel calm and in touch with yourself on a day when the sun is not shining.

People are always running away from rain when they should love to get wet once in awhile. Rain is the cleansing of the earth just as tears are.

It is hard to learn to like things that you feel are uncomfortable but you can. Just like people who are different than you; you may get stuck in a rut of only being with like minds!

If this is you, you better start taking some chances on differences. There are so many different kinds of people out there to be friends with. Diversity is the spice of life and you should challenge yourself to some new experiences just like walking in the rain.

I heard that cows lay down when it is going to rain

I heard that cows lay down when it is going to rain


I enjoy a good rainy day, and I enjoy walking through it, especially when I am sad. Rain wakes me up to say, “get on with life and enjoy getting wet!”

I hate umbrellas because they just get in the way from you being able to enjoy a good rainy day.

So without the umbrella try some rainy day fun, and you will feel like a kid again.

And for the cows; maybe they do enjoy the rain better when they lie down and let it pour into their souls.

And do not fret when there is some rain in your life. Your tears can help you to get to your middle; the place where you feel alive because the rain has woken you up.

Become a fan of any kind of weather. The snow, rain and even storms are part of nature at its best. You can benefit from learning how to cope with the many differences in life.

Let it rain, let the sky pour out with tears to purge the earth and cleanse you too.

Find someone who does not mind walking in the rain and take a long walk; feeling the warmth of a nice rainy day.