Pages of Living

When the doctor told Gloria that she had about 6 months to live she quickly figured it out to be 180 days and said, ” I want to go well beyond that 6 months but I am glad you are giving me a timeline because now I will buy a calendar and live a little better.” Gloria was 50 years old when she was told the bad news.

yellow and greens

look closely and you will see a white circle of energy; a spirit perhaps looking on at the beauty of fall

Gloria did not pass away until she was 80 years old and with that said, you really do not know how long your will be here on earth in your physical body, and then when you are off to your spiritual body you will still be here, just in a different way. And many people who talk about passing through into spirit are amazed by the bliss and wonder.

So Gloria did buy that calendar and she started making plans. She said, ” I want to do something that is special to me in these last 200 days, not just 180!” Gloria had a good sense of humor and quickly filled up her calendar with those moments she thought she would miss. And on her next visit to the doctor she told him that she would never die; especially within those confines of 6 months.

If you are ever told that you only have a few months to live, you better start living from that moment on. It is sort of a wake up call from above, telling you that life is precious and it needs to be lived well.


The world is full of energy that you can grab onto to give yourself a dose. The energy comes from nature; breathing in the wonders of a calm, nice warm day, or energy from people around you that you love.

Send energy to your loved ones, and even people you do not know that need some healing ways; bringing them hope on a day that there is need.

Hopeful ways can create a circle of energy, dropping its love everywhere in the universe; allowing people to feel a tingle from you whether you are spirit or still in your physical body.