Think Abundance

See the beauty in the world just by changing you

You can change everything about yourself with just a thought.

Peek through your window of life and see beauty

Peek through your window of life and see beauty

Your attitude and perspective on how life is unfolding in this present moment can be positive and happy. You can do it; change everything about yourself that you do not like and become the person you want to be.

The person with empathy toward others, the person who is there for their family; the person who rises above negative and abusive thinking to never saying or thinking a pessimistic thought.
You cannot do this thought conversion overnight however there is a beginning where you keep track of your thoughts; dismissing the negative ones and replacing with new pleasant, loving thoughts.


I love journaling, but it is definitely not for everyone. Begin where you are. Maybe it is learning about some new ways to nourish yourself through good readings on the topic of optimism. Reading can help you focus back onto yourself the words others have for you on staying whole, united within yourself and balanced.

One positive moment after another

One of the things that really helps me to stay balanced in mind and body is always taking a daily walk; whether it is raining, snowing, it just does not matter, I have to get out there to pull myself together each day.

Find your way through life looking at things with a different perspective; where you are dancing in the moonlight. singing in the shower, riding a horse in the sunset; whatever it is, let it be your positive moment that can carry you for the day.

Every single day of your life, do things that make you happy; whether it is meeting a friend for coffee, or just sitting on your back porch by yourself drinking tea!

Find those happy thoughts and happy moments right now, in this moment.