Every day is new and inviting

Think of life as a new daily experience. Look at the wonder of everything and pretend that you have never seen a bird before this day; flying endlessly across the sky as you gaze about. Think of every day as an unending day with blissful moments and carefree living. Your mind will then begin to tell your body to relax and just stay in this new ease. And your spirit will rise above, capturing the visions of living life well and happy. Why not be happy every day because there is no reason for sadness; let sadness drift away from your being, capturing happy and joyful moments to focus on.

Think of each thought you have as pure, reflecting love and harmony

Think of each thought you have as pure, reflecting love and harmony

My last day

I want my last day to be as beautiful as a still pond with its glassy-like reflections, green leafy life slowly waving its branches, and a bright orange fish jumping out of the water to greet me.

Think of today as your last day; finding ways to fit in everything that you want to see and do.
Spend time with children, and see through their eyes the wonder of a blade of grass or their first look at a butterfly; chasing it as if to catch a glimpse of how it happens to fly in a bouncing way through the yellow flower bed.


Begin your day by cherishing each and every moment that comes your way whether it is a good moment or a not so good one; you are here to welcome all moments and cherish everyone in your life path.

Become one with nature; standing tall with your arms stretched up in the air like you are a tree, and feel strong in your pose of life. Count your many blessings and write them down to go over when you feel blue.