It may feel good to end some things and begin again

Sometimes things end and you may have not planned for them, and other times, no matter how perfectly directed, you are surprised by the ending.

Challenging yourself
Life is full of things that just happen, and then you are on to another part of your life step.

And these many steps you take can pull you into different directions as the days pass you by.

Some of them are endings and some new beginnings; things that you should look forward to with new and challenging ways to do the same thing.

This may sound confusing but you may find as you age that you have to do things differently; like exercise; you may have to slow down a bit, or you may have to stretch a little deeper to get into alignment, or you may need a yoga block now to do the same pose that you used to do without assistance.

These challenges are just that; things that you have to do in order to stay fit in mind, body and soul.

Just old things that no one wants

Just old things that no one wants

If you begin to think of things in your life as steps, you may begin to understand why things that you want to stay the same change suddenly; or perhaps change without you even knowing that things are different now.
The past is behind you and the future is ahead and you do not know anything about how it will unfold.

Being mindful of the present

All you have control over is the here and now, this is the only thing that you can change for the better, and sometimes for the worse; even if you have nothing to do with it.


Struggling against what is about to unfold in your life can be painful; letting go can sometimes bring some peace to your present moment.

Getting rid of those things that have no meaning

When you let go and begin to get rid of  those things you no longer need or want, it is easier to let go of things that you may think you need. Even relationships change and become something that ends.

Many people hang on too long, and others do not hang on long enough. Finding this middle balance may also become a struggle in your life. No one wants to be alone, especially at the end of their life when the preciousness of life is all that you think of as you pass on to spirit.

But no one wants to struggle their entire life with a partner who may not be the right fit; dragging you down to the bottom of life.

Find your peace, whatever it is before you pass onto spirit because peace, love, harmony and caring are the only thing left at the end of life. Those material things you think were important no longer mean anything; lying in a pile of scrap that no one wants or needs.