I remember bliss

As far back as I can remember I sat quietly listening to the sounds of silence

The color yellow is calming to me; my silent blissful color

The color yellow is calming to me; my silent blissful color

Whether it was silently looking at flowers as they softly swayed like music in the air, or the quietness and morning sparkle of the milky dew on the grass as I walked to my daily path.

Sometimes the silence was late as night while I lie awake, and sometimes it was just  silent sounds; the ones without voices that sing quietly and loudly as I walk through life.




Whenever you are alone, try  your best to dismiss those thoughts as you silently move through life in a mindful way but also remember that they are there to greet you; telling you stories of how to stay centered, mindful and in harmony with nature.

Sounds of silence
And the sounds ring through and around you; sometimes very loudly pronouncing that it is time for you to listen in and learn about how to get into a blissful way any time you need to.
Added to this are the sounds of birds, some singing and some crowing the deep sounds of silence but it is still there whenever you are outdoors waiting to hear their silence as they sit on their branches of life looking down.
And in the winter months when most of the birds fly south,there are still a few around calling out  in their silent way; waiting to see you walk by silently with the snow crunching under your boots. And the flowers are gone but some grass is peeking through the snow; letting you know that the green and yellow colors will come again to greet you in silence.

So find your way through life; realizing that today could be your last day on this wonderful earth, and you may need to listen to those silent ways of nature, telling you to stay calm and centered.