Learning how to let it go

Letting things go that you need to is a problem for many people

Walk my way and see the blue sky contrast the greens of summer

Walk my way and see the blue sky contrast the greens of summer

Struggling with life is enough, you do not need to add to your struggle by getting stuck in the muck of holding on to grudges or painful moments with another person.
Let things go, especially things that do not mean much. Does it really matter if you are right about something?
Pick your battles in life; the ones that are meaningful and will help you to grow are the ones you should fight for.

When you grow old you do not want to take things with you in spirit that you should have put to the side years ago. Hanging on to things that have no meaning or grudges that should be long gone is something that needs mending right now.


Find some time to just be and look at the things in life that truly matter, like a walk down a path near your home where you always talk about going to, or time spent with your grandkids  or children. Those times that you keep on putting off.

Balancing acts

Accept things as they are right now and you will find that life is no longer a balancing act; it is full of wonder, good memories and healing.

Your health is good, your spirit smiles and your body finds pleasure in moving and stretching more, and this new balance puts more joy into your life.

Loving Life

If you do not love your life right now, begin to make the changes that you need to make in order for your life to be more pleasant and passionate. It is not about trying to change someone else, it is all about you and how changing yourself can help you and those around you who will benefit.

Love every minute you have

It may sound hard at first but you can love every single minute you have in life, whether it is a good or bad moment, it happened and it shall pass like a soft breeze or a stormy cloud. Everything passes along and if you wait too long you may miss some of those special moments you are always thinking about.