Healthy Bones

Don’t kid yourself into thinking that you do not need to exercise as you age. If you want healthy bones a straight spine and good knees and hips, you better start now. All you really have to do is walk. You do not have to join a gym or exercise group, although getting together with others may help you to stay motivated!

Take a walk to the park and breathe in the freshness of the morning

Take a walk to the park and breathe in the freshness of the morning

And the best thing about starting your exercise routine on the road is  that all  you need are a good pair of sneakers some sweats and you are off to a good walking program for yourself. The expense is little; and your body will thank you with less creaks and crackling! There is much research on the benefits of walking for strong bones, a better posture, and a good cardio workout if you walk fast.

Maintain your weight through some exercise, a good diet rich in fruits and vegetables and a good attitude about staying healthy and well. The research is mounting on the benefits of your attitude about a successful you.

You need to stay positively focused in order to get healthy. You are more than just a body; you are emotions, spirit and intellect. You tell your body what it needs, and then the rest of your paths have to follow along and believe that you can do it.

When you take the first step toward a wellness program, make sure you tell all of your selves what your plans are.

Read some inspirational and motivational prose to help you move your body; coupled with some musical tunes that keep you with the beat of a slimmer and healthier you.