Grateful times

Finding your inner smile

When you are feeling sorry for yourself, begin to think about all that you are grateful for.
It should not take very long to begin your long list of things in your life that are amazing. You can start with your family and move on to all of your friends!

You can add your inner soul, and how good it feels to be allowed to walk on this earth as a giving, loving human being.

The greenest green!

The greenest green!

After that lesson, you should not be feeling anything but joyfulness in your mind, body and soul. And being joyful  is better than just happy!


When you are joyful, your entire inner being sparkles with energy and it pours out to others in your path. And then this cycle of love and positive energy begins to circle the entire universe bringing a positive glow to everyone that you touch. And the touch does not have to be a physical one, it can be passed through your words, your inner vision and passion about sending love and light to others.


Nature at its best
And then there is nature where all the beauty of living lies in the green grass, the smell of the morning dew and the birds greeting you as you stroll along your path remembering all the times that you took your children to the park, and now your grandson.

Sharing life

Time does fly why you are living life feeling grateful for each breath that you take. You do not have time to feel sorry for yourself because you are so very grateful that you are here to share your life with others.

Even if you have had many bad times, they are in your past and it is time to move to the present moment and be grateful about how good it feels  that you are here to share this moment in time.


Healing comes to you in different ways. Even if you are not as physically well as you would like to be, your spiritual being may be healthier than most, or your ability to help others heal their emotional difficulties may be very strong.

Wherever your strengths are, use them to help others; sharing your knowledge, life and being to be there for someone who needs your help.


Love like there is no tomorrow; sharing the part of you that you do not give to everyone you meet. Let others know about your inner soul that wants to be there, guiding, caring, helping and sharing.