Like a postcard

Wish you could capture life like a postcard and keep it there in your mind’s eye?



There where all the beauty is and there is no darkness or sorrow.

Yesterday I took a picture that reminded me of a postcard because it seemed so very perfect to me, and I seemed to have captured the moment, frozen in time.

And that is how life seems to be; the good moments are kept in your mind’s eye so that you can retrieve them any time that you need to, and the bad moments stay tucked away, and are harder to find.

But if those not so pretty pictures are in your mind’s eye, begin to dismiss them and move on to the good postcards because what is so unique about being human is that you can change the way you look and think about things at any moment you want to. You can also change your story completely to a better one.

When I look at this picture with the weeping willow, I can feel the breeze that surrounded me on that day as it softly touched my face. I sat on a bench, not thinking about much, and then took this picture, not realizing until today that it was so perfect to me.

And my perfection in life may not be the same as yours, but you can find perfect ways to soothe yourself and others through kindness and a warm pat on the back of someone who needs it.

Find your postcard

Find that place that only you can find, where your yesterdays are good and your todays are perfectly formed by you through concentrating on the positive aspects of your life; putting aside any negativity; choosing optimism just for this moment in time.