Making sense of life and death

Death seems a lot like birth, but just the opposite

Where are your stepping stones leading you today?

Where are your stepping stones leading you today?

That is probably why there is a saying about death: every time a person dies, another person is born.

I believe that there is not a way to prepare for death, especially your own unless you end your life is some way. Some of us do this without realizing it such as smoking, drinking or eating too much; a slow sort of suicidal gesture that many are afflicted with.

Others take life into their own hands, and some decline suddenly with a disease such as Alzheimer’s  which takes  your life away from you, but you are still here.



Whatever it is that brings you closer to your last breath; remember the significance of your life right now, and how you are spending your time in the here and now of living because today may be your last breath.

Spiritual Living

You may be closer than you think to becoming a spirit who may guide others on their spiritual path. Or you may live longer than many of your friends and relatives, wondering why you have to see all of them go before you.

Wherever you are on this spectrum of life, you do not have much control over how it plays out and this can be frustrating. If you are a spiritual soul you will believe that your path is good no matter how many stepping stones you need to take.

And when your time comes, you will be at peace because you know that being a spirit is a wonderful experience where you can guide others.


Step softly on the earth and feel the joy there is in this moment of life. Care about yourself and others as they too walk a path toward spirit. Find ways to softly prepare yourself in life to be calm, centered and in harmony with your present moment.

Have healing moments that bring you to your breath; slowing it down and keeping yourself strong in mind, body and spirit.