Motivate yourself

The interesting thing about motivation is that it rubs off!

The smell of basil makes you feel good

The smell of basil makes you feel good

If you begin a healthier lifestyle, you will find that others around you will follow you, and people always do better with their action plans when they have a cheering crowd.
For example, group exercise brings  people from different walks of life together for a moment in time.

That person that goes to the gym and takes a class with you may never become your friend, but they can be your motivator. And there may be a competitive nature to being in a group with a common interest.

Help yourself and you help others too

Self-help groups are where it is at when it comes to helping each other attain goals.

Join a group and you will not only motivate yourself, you will become a motivator too. Why struggle on your own when there are people who have the same problem you have? There are so very many different types of self-help groups out there, give one a try.


Smell the Basil, not just the lavender for some comfort

Aromatherapy has been around for centuries. People know that some scents can really change your mood, calm you and even put you to sleep.

And when you do the simple things in life like smell the roses, you can also smell basil. There is much research on the benefits of herbal ways, and the smell of basil can put a smile on your face and relax you.

I love growing basil in the summertime and my grandchildren love it too; picking some leaves and smiling.

My grandson walks around with some basil leaves;carrying them around with him for hours, and breathing in the positive energy from the scent.


You can create  energy in yourself that also moves toward others when you are in a positive mood. Your optimism and positive ways are contagious, moving through you and others, circulating the globe just with one smile. You will find that the more positive you are, the more energy you can create, and then people flock around you just to be next to your energized ways!