Tears are needed at times to clear everything from your system

And tears are there for the good times and the bad times; helping you to get back to your center in life.

It is a cleansing mechanism that your body has to clear out the toxins and wastes.

It seems like a medical way of talking about tears, and some people believe that you should hold back tears and not let anything bother you.

I find that just the opposite is true; I  need to talk about good and bad things in life; and the perfect things that happen bring about tears. Examples include the birth of a child. How can something so perfect happen to human beings?

Whatever your beliefs, my most tearful moments were with childbirth; finding it a miracle. And even when it was not my child being born; it still brought tears to my eyes, so it is not just a personal thing; it is a miracle.

Believe in Miracles

I believe that growing things is a miracle. especially lavender; that calm you get from just a small sniff can bring about wellness to your day

I believe that growing things is a miracle. especially lavender; that calm you get from just a small breath can bring about wellness to your day

And if you believe in miracles then crying about the great things that are miracles in your life is a given; you need to shed those happy and sad tears.

After the tears, grab some lavender and feel the calm

And when you need some comfort, get out the lavender; another miracle of nature. That beautiful smell can calm you down when you need to be centered and balanced for the day, or you are having trouble sleeping at night.

Herbal ways help; you do not always need medication when you have the scent of lavender in the air.

And if you want to have herbs around you, grow them. It may take some time to become a master gardener, and some herbs are easier than others. I find basil the easiest and it also makes you feel good inside. And sage can help with memory as you age.

Find the miracle of nature and begin experimenting with herbal ways that can help you on a tearful or happy day.

And remember that all things pass along, the good and the bad; happy tears and sad tears.