Looking at the past

Everyone tells you that you should stay in the present, and there are times when this is true; your moment to moment happenings can be a struggle if you dwell too much on the past.

Beauty gardens

Beauty gardens

And every so often those small things that happen to you may trigger a good moment in the past that you want to think about.
And that is good, because even if a past relationship ended badly, there had to be some good moments there somewhere.

Happy moments

My happy moments always include those times when my children were young and growing so quickly. I try to savor those dear moments like the first step and the first day of school but now they are a bit blurry but still there to greet me with a smile when I want to move into the past for a few moments in time.

Happy moments from your past can change your present mood and should be cherished. And when you need a refreshing moment; think a happy thought that moves you, and like Peter Pan this thought can help you to fly through your past and present moments with a smile.

Gather others into your memories too; your children, parents and friends will want to hear about your happy times.

Garden times

In all the places that I have lived, I have found garden time dear to my heart. Not only flower gardens, but vegetables and herb gardens that I find fun to create. You do not have to be good at gardening; just good at tending; pulling the weeds, watering and watching. It is like your life; tending to children, aging parents, pets; they all need and enjoy your caring ways.

My greatest moments in life were spent in beautiful gardens that I created; tending, watching, and  just sitting in a summer moment on the porch smelling the freshness of the day.

Do not fear delving into your past, and taking time with those  good moments; mindfully dismissing some of the not so magical times, and getting back to your center where all the harmony and love lies.