And you thought they were mindless tasks

I always wondered why my mother swept the driveway when she could have used a blower to sweep the leaves away, and I wondered why she made so many blankets; sitting quietly not even watching her stitches.
They were not just mindless tasks; they were mindful.

Standing behind a tree just gazing

Standing behind a tree just gazing

When you are mindful, you think about nothing but your current focus; other distractions are let go of and you get back to your flow of the moment.

A way to learn about being mindful is to choose something that you have a passion for, and do it with a flow. Before you know it there is nothing else of greater importance in your life for this mindful moment in time.

Time goes by quickly when you are having a good time, and your mindless tasks become mindful times that feel good to you. Your inner being thanks you for the slow down; touching your soul and your body releases the stress in your head, shoulders and neck. This is called the stress triangle by many; the place where all of your stress in life seems to center.

Hopeful ways

Finding your hopeful, mindful ways in life may be something you will explore for many years before you decide. “yes, this is exactly what I am looking for!” And this awe moment will continue throughout your life, brining you mindful, playful ways to just be in the moment, unaware of the time.

And if someone disturbs you from your inner bliss, it is not a problem because you have learned well how to get right back into that passionate way about yourself.

You can teach these mindful ways to others so that they too can begin to discover what they are looking for in their passionate quest toward wellness in mind, body and spirit.


You can add stillness and meditation into your mindful ways if you are looking for a way to begin. Practicing some meditation may help you to have that awe moment where you begin your practice of mindful ways.

Dismissing all of the noise, distractions of the day, and becoming mindful of only your breath.