I wish I knew more ways to help


My Helping Ways

I wish there were more ways to help people who suffer from different diseases, especially mental illness because sometimes you cannot see the suffering underneath the person.

Not sure what it is but as a child I too had a collection of dolls

As a child, I loved collecting dolls

They may have a magical smile that warms your heart and a kind way that helps you and others, but you may not see what they need because they do not speak on their own difficulties.

Mental Illness is real
Many people feel that mental illness is not real; that because you cannot see it in the person, it must be fake.
If you believe that people are faking because you cannot see something like you do with physical illnesses, then religion with all of its faith must really stop your clock.


I believe that everyone has issues that may go unresolved in their lifetime; some people need more help then others sorting out problems and difficulties, and if they seek you out to help, be there for them.

My goal in life is to help others; it has never changed. I have gone from one helping job to others; but the constant remains the same. And these healing ways that I have developed have also helped me along the path toward wellness in mind. body and spirit.

Collecting memories

Collecting things has always been one of my hobbies, and sometimes I have too much in my collection and have to rid myself  of those little things. And when I visit a flea market, I look at the dolls, the many holiday cards never sent and the old Life Magazines; it brings me back to a spot in my heart that is clear.

We are all here on this earth with the priority to help others. Those dolls represent to me the many people that I have to touch before I become spirit and have to help from above.