My bright light

Bright lights in the sky

I want to go out like a bright light in the sky, sending flashes of colors to everyone who knew me.
That is why I write every single day of my life; trying to explain  that you better get out there and start living life like there really is no tomorrow because they may not be.

Have a loving relationship with yourself, and give yourself a pat on the back for the things you have accomplished. Give yourself permission to be kind, caring and at peace with you.

Dance like a flower in the breeze

Dance like a flower in the breeze

You may say that my way is a bit self-absorbed, but so what. So many people have told me that they do not know how I keep going on with all the bad that has happened to me in my life.
I believe that the bad things are great because they keep me motivated to move on to better things in life.

And some of the bad things make you stronger; able to dust yourself off and start again.



Emotions and how to feel better

When you are filled with emotional distress, begin to distract yourself with some busy things to do so that you accomplish something in your day.

Staying idle and not having things to do can bring out negativity and your mood may be affected.

Your affect (mood) is so very important for your entire emotional health and wellness; sing a tune, whistle, dance. All of this motions can help you to feel better.

Find a reason

Find a reason for living life well. What is the most meaningful thing in your life?

Are you able to do something that you feel is great every single day?

If not, begin your list of things that are meaningful that you want to do before your bright light goes out.