The Re-Connection

You can make your relationships better

If you have been with a person for quite awhile, there are many things that you can do to turn things around if thingsĀ are becoming a bit stale.

Go to a beautiful place with your mate

Go to a beautiful place with your mate

Finding special ways to perk up your life with a special dinner: cooking a special meal or surprising your mate with gift certificates to his or her favorite restaurant could be a good opener!

Re-connect and be open when talking

Remember how it was in the past when you first connected, the loving smiles and warm embraces can come again with some practice!

Do not get defensive about difficulties you and your partner areĀ having. and do not turn your talk into a argument; softly tell your partner to put the toothpaste cap back on the toothpaste!
Putting the cards on the table and playing out what is going on that needs some tender care can be a good thing if you do it with love and gentle care.
And speaking of tenderness, for no reason at all, giving a kiss or warm embrace may be just the thing to do.

Going somewhere you have never been
Doing anything together is appreciated, especially if you are the one who makes all the plans.

Remember when you were first together, you could not get enough of each other and today, you may be finding ways to stay away from each other but that does not help your relationship with the many possibilities there are to change things a bit.

Do not give up if your partner does not immediately re-connect with you; it may take many loving ways to be in love again!