Memories ring so clear

Just when you think that you  remember where you put your keys, a strong past memory of your childhood rings clearly in your mind.

Stormy waves

Stormy waves

I could see the beach, the roaring waves and a storm brewing over the lake the day a large barge called the Willtranco rolled into my backyard.
I was about 12 when there was a large barge that cut lose from Canada and rolled into the beach near my home.

We had a storm, one where the waves rolled up onto our lawn, something that was not only scary but unheard of in our area.
And when all was said and done, that barge stayed in the sandbar of Lake Erie in Wanakah, NY, very close to my home for many years.

The Unheard of event that I speak of became a sightseers delight 
People came from everywhere to see it. Our quiet beach became an attraction for a few years before they finally pulled it out.
Just as clear as the day that it happened, I can see that boat.


We thought that it was going to be directly behind our home when it first washed to shore but it was a few doors away near a friend’s home.

Summer fun

We would swim out to it that summer, and some of the fearless children climbed into the boat and looked around. I was told that there were many bottles of wine on the boat that people took home.
I did swim out to it even though dad told me not to. I just wanted to touch the large boat; it was so big that it was frightening to me so I had to conquer the fear. Now that I am turning 60, those memories of when I was about 12 years old seem like yesterday.

And today in my later years I find things that I have to conquer. I felt fearless as a child and teenager; like a rebel without a cause at times.

But today, I am softer and it is a good feeling to know that I have changed, but still want to have some fun and conquer some things that I have on my bucket list such as just taking off on a road trip for no reason at all.