Thinking of you

Thinking of you brings a smile to my face and a tear. I wonder how it will be when I am old and gray; will my children remember me the way I do you?

blue moon

At night we would build large fires on the beach

I know that you are with me for the long summer days. You enjoyed being outside, sweeping the driveway and watering the tulips. That bed of tulips was your special colorful treat in the spring to show off to others. And you always wanted us to stand in front of the beautiful bed of tulips for our special times. I remember my first communion picture was in front of those beautiful yellow, red and pink tulips, and my sister was holding our tiny white poodle next to me in the picture.

I remember standing on the cliff’s edge at the beach and climbing down to flip the flat stones into the water; watching the ripples of water spread out in a circle of rings that seemed endless. You were there watching from above, calling me if I stayed too long.

Our game as children was seeing who could cast the stone the furthest. I won many times and spend time practicing on the beach where I also took up a collection of worn, colorful beach glass; some I still have. I made a beautiful beach glass table top out of most of it years later, and some beach glass jewelry that I still make today.

And at night our fires burned brightly down the beach; welcoming others to sit along side.

Time stood still when I was a child; especially in the summer with its long, hot, sticky days.