Tiny Red Roses for Mom

I feel close to my mom, and every month when the 8th is about to approach, I find gifts to give mom. Today it is the gift of my tiny red roses that I prune each year. I have had some luck with them growing all the way into the winter months when I prune off the dead branches and buds. A few years ago, they were re-blooming in November outside in the very cold New York weather.

Mom loved red, she wore red and black often. And these red roses are for her.

For mom, red meant joy

For mom, red meant joy

A  memory  popped into my head last night as I rested. I  was standing in the driveway with mom while I waited for the school bus. For some reason I was the only one with mom; my sisters were not in my vision. She said to me, ” are you ashamed of me standing here with you while you wait for the bus?” and I said to her, ” I love you, I will never be ashamed of you standing with me.” I am glad I have many treasured moments with mom. She was always there for me when I needed her, and even when I did not, she was there.

Past memories linger as you age

red roses for mom

It is wonderful to have great memories about mom, and as I age, they keep coming up strongly in my mind. She was a strong women and treasured her children. We were everything to her, and she watched us carefully while we were children and as adults, she stood by us even when she thought we may be making mistakes. One of her favorite sayings, ” Don’t put me in the middle of this one.” She would say that when she did not want to give an opinion on whatever was going on in the family.

As I age, I love to linger on the past; trying to see things clearly like the many times I climbed up on a crabapple tree looking down to the earth and throwing a few crabapples at my sisters while mom yelled at me, ” get down from that tree right now.”

I was the Tom boy of the 3 girls;climbing, hiding and playing games that others did not want to play! And that was the way it was when I was a child.