Trying to Simplify Life

It seems that every time I try to make things simple, they become more complicated

Walk slowly down your path to catch every moment

Everything in life can be a simple event if you just let it unfold as it should I am always told, but sometimes clutter or being busy  is necessary for the process of creativity; finding different ways to see things that may make layers of things a part of the process.

The only problem with having many items available to you is finding them. And that is the difficulty with having too many things. You cannot save everything, therefore you have to make choices about getting rid of some things that are getting in your way.

Putting together the pieces of your life
When I think of any kind of puzzle in life, there are different ways to put things together and with the ideas of others, things seem to fit in place.
So instead of trying to clean up you act, you may be better off enlisting a few people to help you along the way toward what your are reaching for.

And if it is de-cluttering your house; begin room by room.

And if it is de-cluttering your mind, take a walk.

And if it s de-cluttering your soul, do something special for someone right now!

Abundance is within your reach

You will find the path of abundance in your life when you let go of some things that may be stopping your flow. You need flow; the ability to just pick up a task and go with it without having to bounce back and forth looking for something.

And when  you have a clean, un-cluttered environment, you will find you have more, not less.

And this abundance will flow to others in your path. You can teach others how you reached your flow and harmony in life.

Touch someone today with ideas on how to make life a simple path.