My life

I always thought that life was the way it was supposed to be until I met you. I knew that there was romance and heartache but I did not know that I was supposed to work on myself through the years; making changes, feeling good about accomplishments and loving myself.


You were my everything in life; our children and our life was one day at a time taking care of everyone but me. And that was the way it was supposed to be as a young mother and wife; but since you are gone and our children have grown up; this is my time.

And I can say with honesty that I am finally over you and your life. It is a good feeling knowing that you are doing well and the children are too, but now I can have a life.

I am starting with 3 boats, floating silently on a small lake, listening to the birds as I take a deep breath and calm myself; knowing that I can just sit here and listen; nothing else is taking priority over my life at this moment in time.

In your later years you have more time for yourself

In my later years I have more time for myself

Today, in my later years I have my time.

I can do anything or nothing, and I like it that way; only a few structured moments in my day now; and that is a good thing because the things I used to have in my life took a lot of energy, time and stressful moments.

I do of course need some stress in my life, but most of my stressful moments are short lived today. I concentrate on slowing myself down and taking my time with everything that I do; this helps me to center and balance myself for the day.

Like 3 floating boats on the lake, I am at the center.

I was the middle child of 3 girls and still feel pulled to one side or the other at times but my goal continues to be at the center.

And as this yin and yang of living continues, I am feeling better about myself and the things I continue to accomplish in life.

My daily life is better now that I am back.

Back to finding myself through the many adventures that I take.

And when I help myself, it pours on to others as if it was a slow dance with music in the background.