7 Ways to Keep your Love

Many people think that  you do not have to work on relationships, and they stay the way you want them to without any care, but even the great relationships that started out well with romance and caring can end up ending because they needed tending.

1. Always smile at your mate in the morning. Say, “Good morning, how did you sleep honey?” Do not tell him or her all about your problems; keep some things for a good friend who wants to listen because they too  have some of the same difficulties.

2. Remember to bring a small gift to your mate at least 1 time a week. It does not have to be something expensive; but special. My husband likes licorice.

3. Do not dismiss them; walking away while they are speaking where they many have to  follow you! Give your mate the attention that they deserve. 4. Hugs. Do not forget to give out daily hugs and touch your mate. They need comfort, love and caring all the time as do you.

5. Together time. Have some together time each week. A time where you go out to dinner and a movie or some other activity, and pretend it is a date where you need to be dressed up and caring about the way you look.

6. Tell them you love them every day and kiss them goodnight. This is important; the kisses, hugs and loving words need to stay at the forefront of every relationship.

7. Give your mate reason to stay with you. Do special things for them; plan a trip without telling them about it and surprise them. Every relationship needs something special to happen.

I am hoping to do some of my list with my mate today!

7 ways to keep love in your life

7 ways to keep love in your life

Relationships need tending just as your garden does. You need to pull the weeds out or they grow stronger than your flowers and they may not bloom.