Energize life

Energy circles around you in a spool of love. Begin to think of energizing ways to help yourself and others. Energy from your physical body can be passed along in a stream of good thoughts and feelings. As soon as you think of the word energy you begin to perk up and smile.

Tending to my garden

Tending to my garden where some energy lies

And being next to someone who is very positively energized  can give you that energy zap that you need to cushion any emotional pain you may be feeling in the moment.

Zap your energy today!

Give yourself a zap of energy by reading something inspiring out loud to someone who may be interested in hearing, feeling and touching your positive vibrations.

Listen to positive upbeat music, hang around with people who like to dance, sing and play.



Hug yourself and hug others

Give yourself a hug and then pass it along to someone else who needs a warm embrace.


And when you tend to your garden in your many phases of being; your life becomes better; just as your garden blooms, so will you with a little tenderness, love and caring.

Create circles

Create your own circles of friends who you can tap into when you need some energizing thoughts and feelings!