Sit up Straight


Remind yourself daily to sit up straight!

I remember as a child being told to sit up straight in my chair; I also remember how annoyed I was with my dad when he told me that, but there is good reason to believe that shoulders back, head and neck straight and looking forward are good things to do.


As you move into yoga asanas, be aware of your posture; shoulders are back and straight

As you move into yoga asanas, be aware of your posture; shoulders are back and straight


































Be Aware
Become aware of your slouching and correct it; you will be thankful that you did. There is continuing research on the topic of people and their posture.
How you sit, stand, and walk are all part of your wonderful body and its movement. Your gait, your shoes and your feet are all parts that make up your posture.

Foot Care

Your feet are especially important, wearing shoes that are not too narrow and practicing some foot exercises are important to your balance. Just going up on your toes and back on your heels a few times to get your feet in balance is a good idea along with spreading and closing your toes! Rub your feet too; get the blood circulating and read about reflexology to help you find potent points in your feet that may help any discomfort you are having in other body parts.

Posture Care
When you do not take care of your posture, you begin to have problems such as lower back pain and a slouched appearance.
There is mounting evidence that the people who sit up straight and watch how they are standing, sitting and walking have stronger bones and better balance.

Standing in Mountain Pose is an excellent way to get in touch with your posture for the day.

Stand up very straight with feet hip width apart, shoulders back, arms at your side; pushing up with your lower back to keep your back straight and in line.

Daily Awareness

Build your posture awareness into your daily routines. When you are sitting at your computer think about your posture, and straighten up your shoulders every time you think about it.

When you are eating or watching TV remind yourself that your shoulders need to be straight and back.

Developing this new skill will put less pressure on your back and you may find you have less pain in many areas of your body just by straightening everything up!