In the Summertime

The summertime is supposed to be happy and carefree


Capturing some purple flowers in the summertime to remember when it is cold again

Like a toy in a shop window, you gaze out at the nice weather trying to get out there and play!

We all need play time, but do not stress yourself trying to get the most out of your summer!

Looking out the window


When you put pressure on yourself to soak in the sunny days because the winter weather may be coming back, you may be stressing yourself out trying to get it all in before the weather changes. Don’t worry, you will have time; those long, hot summer days are here for at least another month or two.

Taking your time

Take your time, and take time with yourself to slow down a bit; there is still time to have some fun in the sun!

I find that planning my day helps me to not feel the stress of trying to fit in too many things into a day.

Lists are great because you get to check them off and feel good about your accomplishments. You begin to notice the change in yourself when you slow down; getting back in touch with your breath and your center where the quiet and stillness lies. That healing area of your spirit that wants to help you slow down and enjoy.

And when the summer is gone, be thankful for those cool days of autumn when the leaves turn bright yellow and orange to sparkle in the sunshine.

Look out your window and plan some wonderful times

I find that my spirit is lifted as soon as I get outside so I don’t need motivation in the warmer weather to take a walk spontaneously. It is so invigorating to the mind, body and soul.

Do not miss out on those long summer days. You have lots of time to plan your fun and play with friends.

Everything is good in the summer fun. You play, take walks, visit friends and concentrate on yourself; singing, dancing and loving the day!