There will be many times in your life when you are sad. And it may be for good reasons such as a loss of a parent or friend. Stay with the sadness and feel its deep pain but do not linger too long because you may need to help others get through their grief too. As I grow old, I begin to wonder when it will be my turn to go.

Getting older means that you start to see more and more of people around you passing along into spirit. walk my way Do not fear the passing of someone special in your life; you too will pass the same way down the path of spirituality.

Tears are good because they allow you to feel your emotions as the final days of someone you love dearly is approaching. I know when my mom passed less then a year ago, I felt alone at first; in my own private grief but as days and months pass me by I am able to speak more about my feelings; especially being lonely without mom to talk to. But the spirit of mom is still with me, telling me daily about things mom loved and also what she did not. Mom did not like to speak about pain; especially emotional pain that comes from approaching death. She spoke only of the living and how she would be with me forever. And now I know what forever is because I feel close to mom each and every day.