Things come and go

Begin to practice mindfulness in your every day life

Know that everything passing by like a sailboat gliding by you as you sit on the beach watching.


Be still and watch

Be still


Sometimes you have bad feelings about some of the things that have happened to you but those feeling do go away; they may peek out at you sometimes but they are just moving thoughts that run through your head.

You do not have to ruminate on any of it. Be mindful that even the very bad thoughts that you have come and go.

Knowing that, your sadness about anything should be just a thought; not something to ruminate on because you can change your thoughts and feelings in an instant.

Be thankful that there is so very much beauty in the world that you can see in your mind and right in front of you. When you feel sad, seek out some water scenes; they are pleasant, warming to the soul and still.

And when you are happy; share your energy with others with a warm touch and smile. You may be able to help another person feel the pleasantness inside that you are feeling.  And this energy can be passed along from person to person.