Never Give Up!

No matter what you do in life, do not give up on yourself or others

Everyone has their difficult times in their lives and if you are there to help soften their soul, this may be all that is needed for them to get through the next door in life.

The wonders of beautiful flowers!

The wonders of beautiful flowers!


You are the one who has to make new beginnings for yourself.

Don’t  be afraid to start new things in life. You can begin anywhere you want to on your journey. Choose a path, write it down and check off your progress as you go along.





Cherish the good and the bad

Yes, the good and the bad things in life need to be honored.

The wonders of nature

Look at a flower; in the spring it is just a sprout poking through the soil, and then it grows, and sometimes you are not sure if it is a weed or a flower, and then it blooms with the wonder of pink and yellow tones that bring a smile to your face.

Let Life Unfold

You will have your ups and downs; good and bad times. Things happen the way they are supposed to. Sometimes the bad times are just lessons that you need to ponder upon so that you do it better next time.
And when you look at life, there are many more good times then there are bad happenings; and if it does not feel that way right now, help someone to distract you from your own pain and sorrow.

Failure and Success are both the same 

And when you succeed remember that it is the present moment that you are successful. You have to keep going with improvements and work to make your success a continuing process. Be happy with yourself through both success and failure.
And when you fail; remember that failure is part of the learning curve. Failure can even help you to heal from life’s difficulties by giving you practice.
You only have this moment; the present to be at peace with yourself. Begin anew to bring harmony into your life and the lives of others.


Take your spirit with you on both your successes and failures to help you center, balance and still your mind. Your spirit can bring about your deepest feelings, loving ways and healing energy.