Doing it with Passion

Passionate ways of doing can be done with ease. When you are doing something that you truly enjoy, the flow of it comes and you are in a blissful way.

Come into nature with its purple flowers and bright greens

Come into nature with its purple flowers and bright greens

When you find this flow you will be amazed as the amount of time you can spend on your crafty ways. I have two passionate crafts that I do that are a strong part of my day; writing and crafting jewelry.

I know that I will never stop doing either, and someday someone will not know what to do with all my wares. My mother passed along this passion to her children; she too was a flowing flower who crafted all of her life; beautiful blankets for everyone.

What is your passion?

Can you write it down and start the exploration?


Easy does it

In order to truly have passionate ways, it must be something that you love to do because the flow will not come to you if you are only doing your passionate ways for profit. You may have to be willing to do your craft for the pleasure of it for a very long time; if not forever!

Make time for your flow

As with anything in life, you have to make the time for your pleasures. Find time to flow into your craft with ease at any given moment. Keep yourself near the things in life that are dear to you.

Your flow time may become finding the time to be near your loved ones; flowing with them. Take time with others to seek out passions that need exploration.

Creativity and Flow

Creativity comes in many shapes and forms. You can begin your search with others, brainstorming flowing ideas that are fun to explore. Create, love and enjoy your life with the passion of a small child looking at a red rose for the first time; feeling its soft, silky petals and forgetting for a moment that there are thorns.

Aging and Flow time

Do not put off developing your  passions. As you age you can explore new things, learn new skills and pass them along to others. Join in with other people your age and do creative things together. And when the flow comes you will be amazed at the work you have done; paying it forward to others who may benefit from your passions.