Healing ways that focus you

When I think of healing myself the first thing that comes to mind is peaceful living

Peaceful living with a veiw

Peaceful living with a veiw

Finding peaceful moments that harmonize my life, and keeping those moments as sacred as possible.
Do you have a time in your life when you focus only on yourself?
Your special healing time every single day is very important to your health and wellness.
My special time is in the morning and in the summertime it is sitting on my back deck with a cup of coffee soaking in the birds singing and the sun rising. And in the winter, I still take a walk down my usual path watching the birds.

And when I cannot get to my sacred spot in the in the morning, it seems imbalance my day.

Things do not go as planned without my special time, and this relaxing moment is all that I need for a fresh start.



Music in my life

Music has always had a good place in my heart. I love to hum and sing along to my favorite tunes.

Adding some soft music helps me to relax and when I play some meditative type music I can just be for the moment. I find myself softly swaying to the tune and taking much pleasure in this musical way.

Find a song that you really love, and play it in your head over and over when you are having a difficult moment. You can instantly calm yourself down to a more relaxing you just by thinking of that favorite tune.

Your soothing ways

Take time today to develop some healing ways. Whether it is in the visions of the countryside or a musical sound like a soft bell ringing from the Church down the street; it can help to soothe your day.

And when you are calm and centered, your day will be the same way.