Visionary ways

I saw you last night in a dream

Rolls of flowers leading you through a path of wellness

Rolls of flowers leading you through a path of wellness

There were yellow and blue flowers everywhere in a soft breezy meadow and then you asked me to follow you to a place where others were gathered but I did not see you again.
The silence and warmth embraced me and kept calling out to me in the whispering of the wind.
This was not the first time I heard you calling me to you. It is so nice to know that you are there in my dreams to comfort and love me forever.


When morning comes I am sad for a moment remembering that you are gone but I know I will see you again in my dreams. I get up ready for the world; positive, well and happy to begin a new day.



Dreaming helps you to get in touch with what you need to do in your wakeful hours.

Keep a watchful eye on your dreams because they can be the opening  to your spirituality. Dreams can tell you things about yourself and the direction you are going. They are like your own special wake up that tells you the truth about your many selves. They allow you to touch, feel and honor those who have passed and those still around  who can assist you down your path in life.


Capture your unique moments in life

The spirit is the place deep inside of you that you call on in times of need; grief, sorrow and sadness.

But you can tap into your unique spirit any time you want. In good times spirit allows you to act like a child running in the meadow picking pretty yellow and blue flowers for mom.

Your  spirit can help you stay balanced and well; helping you to see that you only live once in body, but many times in spirit. When you become one with your spirit you can dance alone, smile for no reason at all  and run or skip down the street.

Become the person you want to be; doing the things that you want and need to do;striving for happiness in your life.