Opening the door

Every time I want to open the door to a new experience I take a walk to the same place and see things differently. You might think that it is impossible to see things differently through the same window of life, but it is not.


I walk to the park on the street and then slowly walk down a hill to strengthen my balance on the grass. This morning the dew covered my sneakers with a shiny gleaming coating and my toes felt wet but I did not care. The morning dew was expected and I always want to take a different way to the same path.

It is so nice to just sit, relax and breathe

It is so nice to just sit, relax and breathe

When I came upon the pond, I sat on the bench, twirling my ankles and swinging my feet like I used to do as a child; and then I waited. First I heard the frogs croaking and then I saw a large orange fish jumping out of the water to greet me. And birds seem to talk more in the morning; one was much louder than the rest of the ones I heard this morning, and I thought that they are just like people. The loudest person is the one you usually hear.  But in bird land I believe that they just like to sing in harmony.

And then I started toward the path where the golf course is to see who was there, and even though it was early, there were a few golfers dressed in white, talking softly to each other; telling their hole in one stories. I stayed there for a moment looking down the steep hill which led to the golf course; wondering if I would get thrown off if I just walked down there without permission, but at my age, I do not care.

And on my way back, the same man I always see when I walk was there in his shorts with his large stick that he walks with; I think he may use it for balance because he is quite old. But he gets out there almost every day to say hello to the morning.

And before I got to my driveway a woman I know was on her bike already on her way back from her great adventures to different places that she bikes each day. She stopped and told me the story of her travels. She is older than me but has the stamina of a horse when it comes to riding; strong calves and arms that help her peddle each and every day.