Slow-Mo Yoga

There is reason to believe that anyone can practice yoga

In Slow Yoga practice you learn how to go in and out of poses in a soft graceful way.

Finding some comfort in pigeon

Finding some comfort in pigeon

It is all about where you are at. You do not have to be as flexible as you may think; the flexibility and balance  will come with regular practice.
A good beginners class where you learn how to just be in the poses, breathe and balance yourself in mind, body and spirit is a good place to start.
Staying in Poses
Staying in poses for more than just a breath or two is helpful in getting your body to become more flexible; stretching the parts that may seem a bit tense right now.
You are like Goldie Locks; not to hard, not to soft, a just right pose that is only yours. You do not compete with others in yoga; you are where you are in your mind, body and spirit.
What is yoga?
Yoga is all about stillness of your mind, body and soul. You learn about quieting yourself in speech; becoming more mindful of your thoughts and then dismissing them like a soft breeze has touched your soul. When you practice yoga, you learn how to sit up straighter, bend deeper and balance life better.

What Happens after just a few sessions of yoga?

You begin to  move in and out of poses like a dancer. You feel good inside because you are with your inner soul. You begin to understand why it is so important to be still, and you breathe deeper and slower.