Medicinal Methods of Healing

There are many forms of healing that you can put in your tool box of modalities to try before you move toward traditional medicine.

Smell some lavender. The smell alone can calm me down. I just pick a little and then sit down and breathe!

For example, pressing on you temples and holding it there with both index fingers can bring relief to a headache that may be brewing in your life.

Acupressure and Tapping
Acupressure came long before acupuncture, and you can practice this on your own with some self study of the potent points to press on for some pain relief. I also use the under the nose pressure for any gastric distress I may be having before I move toward some medicine.
Once you learn some of your own medicinal ways, you may find that you do not need as much medicine in your cabinet.

Tap your way to wellness

You can also tap on your body in the same areas as you put your acupressure points for both physical and emotional pain. Tapping helps to move the energy through your body; waking up your soul and bringing a smile to your face. You can tap on the top of your head with all of your fingers and them move down to your face; tapping between your nose, under your eyes on your cheekbones ( for some sinus relief), and under your nose for some gastric relief.

Rubs and  Self-Massage

Chinese medicine also includes a trinity. They believe in rubs. Rubbing your feet, hands and ears are all in part a way to heal. When you rub the feet ( as you may know from reading about reflexology) each part of the foot is connected to an internal organ that you are healing. You can also give yourself a massage, rubbing your arms, legs and belly for some healing ways.

Lavender as a medicinal helper

For its calming effects lavender can be very helpful. For people with high anxiety or depression, lavender can help you to calm down. Just smelling lavender’s fresh scent; breathing it in and out can help you along with some lavender oil that you can put in your bath or rub on yourself at night as a sleep aid.
Copper has been around for its healing effects of both pain and inflammation. If you wear it near the body part that you are having trouble with, it will bring you some relief; maybe even enough so that you can reduce you arthritis medication. There is much research on copper and its medicinal effects.

Rubbing Stones and Glass

Healing can occur with the rubbing of smooth glass or stones. Find some smooth beach glass or stones that you can hang onto when you are stressed or anxious. The rubbing effect creates a stillness in your mind’s eye as does meditating and slow deep breathing.

Healing with Color

Healing ways can occur with the use of colors. You can visualize colorful objects or a bright green pasture. You can also wear colors that pick up your mood such as yellow and orange.  When I want mood enhancement I wear the color yellow, and it always seems to be a brighter day when I am bright too!