Finding You

While you are digging around trying to find yourself in life take a look around and see where you are right now. This is a good indication of where to start. Making something better out of what you already have right now is a good plan.

flower lady
Many people jump around trying different things in life but do not focus on getting better at what is right in front of them.
Education is a good start, and it does not have to be college. There are many ways to educate yourself; self-study is one of my favorites because you learn at your own pace and can try it out in your daily activities.
For example, I read on topics of alternative therapies almost daily and then I use the new things that I learned for myself and for others.
Helping others
It is so very true that when you help others you are helping yourself.
Find a person that you can concentrate on; someone who can benefit from being your close friend, and guide them, mentor them and all of a sudden you will find that you are doing better yourself in life.

And it is never too late to become a new you.

You can concentrate on any area of your mind, body or soul.

Pick an area of personal improvement and focus

A physical Focus

I love exercise and I focus on different types to keep my body in shape. And this focus has kept me stronger in my older years. I can still run, jump and balance myself quite well, and this is a good thing for stamina, balance and strength.

You can do so very much for yourself. Your healing ways can improve just about anything in your life.

A spiritual Focus

I find spirituality everywhere. It is in nature, powerful inspiring books and people who inspire me.

Focus on your spirit by finding your heart center; the place where you know yourself well but need to cultivate some love, hope and harmony in your life.

Mind Games

Keep on improving your mind through stimulating it. Focus on challenging things. I always think of puzzles that are complicated, but you can also improve your mind with learning or helping others learn a new skill. I taught people for many years how to make jewelry! Can you think of something you can teach right now?