Turning 60

I keep waiting for old age to set in but it does not feel any different this year. A few more aches and pains that I remedy with some copper, but other than that I feel like I am going to live forever!more and more flowers


My mom used to say that she was going to live forever; she even went as far to say that she did not believe in death. Now I believe that she meant she would always be with me in spirit.
My only change this year is that I find myself reaching for more challenging things to do; especially things that I have not done before.
What are your challenges today?
Have you done anything scary lately?
Maybe it is time for you to take some chances. What do you have to lose? The only thing that can happen is success or failure.

The older I get, the more I enjoy flowers; their colorful ways seep into my soul and find a way to make me smile.

Find something in life that you truly enjoy, and do it today because you need to or want to.

Squeeze it into your day because there are only so many more tomorrows.

Love life like you are hugging it.

Create beauty down your path.

Be a friend to everyone you meet today.

And strive for happiness.