Colors that Energize

I love colors and the ones that I am most attracted to help me with my energy for the day.

If I really want a pick me up, I wear yellow or orange.

Yellows energize!

Yellows energize!


The Chinese attribute yellow to the moon; a lunar hare which represents rebirth, resurrection, intuition and
” light in darkness.” The hare is a yin animal and therefore is aligned with the feminine yin powers.
And in Christianity, yellow is considered a sacred color; associated with divinity and the color of the feast days of confessors.



In Buddhism it is also considered sacred symbolizing renunciation, desirelessness and humility, and golden yellow the color of light, life, truth and immortality.
Wear some yellow today, bring it into your home and breathe in its energizing effects.


And while you are at it, breathe in those wonderful colors to gain some energy for the day. Day gazing and even painting a picture of what you see can be a helpful lift to your spirit.

Your spirit enjoys those colorful times; keeping you in focus on the positive side of life.

Golden colors are also associated with the sun gods to keep you warm and in harmony with life.

The Ancient Egyptians attributed gold to the son god Ra.

Healing with Color

Find your own special colors to bring harmony and balance to your life.

When you want to feel better, you need to introduce different colors into your life in ways that you feel comfortable with. You can have colorful rooms that become your favorite because they bring about healing and wellness.

You can take colorful walks in the country and take pictures to bring back to look at.

You can wear your favorite color; the one that makes you feel good~


Color talk: Taken from the book by: Wills, P. (1993) Colour Therapy: The Use of Colour for Health and Healing. Element Publishing. Rockport, MA.