From Now on

They say that the older you get the more childhood memories you have. You would think it would be just the opposite but as in the yin and yang of things; opposites are a good thing too.

Gradually. as you get older you will begin to understand how important those past memories are. As you move toward your golden years, begin to embrace it; it should be a gradual and  kind slowing down that feels good to you. You breathe in slowly without the stressful days you used to have, and you breathe out the wonders of everything you see from now on because it may be the last visit to your Aunt Millie’s.

Things always seem to come up in life; preventing you from doing everything that you want or need to do, and that is alright because someone else will pick up your puzzle pieces and dollies after you are gone to put it together for you.

My Favorite Memories

I treasured my dollies as a child. They were my little family

I treasured my dollies as a child. They were my little family

It brings wonderful memories in my mind when I think of my favorite Tiny Tears Doll. She was very popular in my time and she did produce wonderful streaming tears when you fed her.

I still feel warm and fuzzy inside thinking about holding her in my lap, and this doll prepared me for the real things in life; holding my own children, feeding and hugging them in their infancy.

What a good way to prepare for the upcoming event of parenthood. Too bad they do not allow boys to play with those pretty dollies, and invented warrior dolls and transformers for them when they really need to hold and cuddle a dollie as they ready themselves for fatherhood.

And the Tears

I have been told that I have a very strong emotional component that sets off my tear ducks quite often, and maybe it is because of my younger years, being able to express myself often through my doll. Tears are a way to clear out all of your bad stuff from your body, washing it clear and clean. Tears are so very helpful in many aspects of your life; do not be afraid to express yourself with tears.

So what prepares us for death?

All the treasured moments in life prepare us for passing into spirit. And it seems that the closer you get to being with spirit, the more you realize that you are already there.

Your spirit begins to tell you inside how important it is to gather yourself together and prepare for your awakening. It may be just a slight awareness right now for you, but as you age, you will find your way, and see that living life has a beginning, middle and end to it just as everything in the world does.