Childhood Memories

There are so many memories that are very clear, and others are cloudy but there

Memories of long summer nights with the moon shining as brightly as the sun

Memories of long summer nights with the moon shining as brightly as the sun


What you remember as a child

You find your way through life with some memories intact and they feel good to think about.

One of my favorite things to do on a Sunday morning when I was about 8 years old  was waiting for the morning paper so that I could see my favorite cartoons.

After church I would  run out to the mailbox and dad would  say, ” It’s not there yet, why are you in such a hurry?”


I would not answer but would climb up into the crabapple tree with  its bright red berries and pick a few before the paper came.

The had a sweet but sour kind of taste that made you pucker.

Mom made jam out of them; a famous recipe that the last owner of the house gave to mom because we had 2 crabapple trees. As far as I know they still stand there at the old lake home; strong and study trunks with beautiful pink flowers that bloom before the apples come.

The Charlie Brown Perfectionist

I loved Charlie Brown as many of us do, and every Sunday I tried to draw his perfectly round head  because I loved to draw and copy others who I thought were the greats. And Charlie Brown’s head had to be perfect. This was my first struggle with learning how to draw, and it continued throughout my life; still loving to draw perfection.

I also remember how difficult it was to draw Fred Flintstone. Drawing was a good pastime for me but  now looking back it seems a bit boring to think that I waited for the paper to come in order to draw those cartoons every week.

But it was a lesson in persistence and perseverance because if I tried long enough, I was able to capture those cartoons with perfection!

Moon Gazing

Another favorite thing to do as a child was fire fly catching. When the moon was brightly shining in the sky you could not see the fireflies. You had to wait for pitch dark; a time at night when you could not see your hand in front of your face, that was the time for catching those fire flies. And you had to put them in a clear, glass jar so that you could see them sparkling their bright light in the darkness.

It was  like a spiritual awakening finding those fire flies that flashed in the dark night. Moments of spirit telling you that they are here for you, shining their light.

What were your special times as a child?