My Yin and Yang of Life

My story is not very unique. I can only say that it is real to me. I grew up a middle child of 3 girls and always felt like the middle of everything.
I guess that is why l fit so well in the middle of any yin and yang theme.

I think of everything in 2 halves; some good and some bad things are always going to happen in life. And my life has been good, even with all the bumps in the road, I have survived to be here today, telling my story.

And then I divide my circle of life into quarters- mind, body, spirit and emotions. I have to include the emotional component to my story because I ride on my emotions, and know myself well.

I strived for balance all of my life, and even now that I am older and wiser, I still struggle with having balance in my life; including my mind, body, spirit and emotional life.

My spirit helps me to tend to my garden

My spirit helps me to tend to my garden

Mind work is difficult because focusing on the positive things in life can be a lifelong path with many deviations, and catching myself falling into the negativity trap is a daily event.

Mind Exercises

You can do some mind healthy exercise every day with some inspirational literature. Set a time each day to just read optimistic and loving prose.

Stimulate your mind daily spending time with friends and family; reminding yourself to speak on the good things that happened to you.
My body has been a struggle all of my life. Body image, body weight and not feeling good about the way that I look still exists in my mind’s eye and I struggle with keeping it down to a reasonable and healthy weight.

A New Weight Loss and Maintenance Plan

Begin a new plan for the lifestyle changes you need to make; making today the first day of your healthy plan; focusing on fruits, vegetables and grains as your main staples.

And begin to focus on smaller portions and eating mindfully; putting your fork down between bites, and purposefully taking longer to eat; gazing at your food, serving it up on beautifully colored plates with flowers and a candle on the table.
There is been much work on my spiritual story this year; especially after the passing of my mother. She has helped me to expand myself in the spirit and I thank her for that. Because of my grieving and sorrow for the past 9 months, my spiritual dimension has expanded and increased my ability to balance myself in a spiritual way.

Develop some Soul Work

Soul work continues in my story; taking the path that I always wanted to is where I am right now. Mom would be very proud of what I have been doing with my time; creating things to share with others as she did so well.

Find some soulful work that helps you and others too; volunteer, spend time with people who need you, and begin to practice some meditation.

The emotional Component of My 4 quarters

An important aspect of my life has been quelling the emotions so that others do not know how sensitive I really am! I have tied many things related to this aspect of my life but the quick to tears and sensitivity still exists in my life.

To help me with my emotional states, I write and read others’ inspiring words on their plight in life.

There will always be someone who has had a more difficult time in life then you are having right now in this moment.

Find time in your daily life to cry if you need to, laugh often and send your love to others; that helps your emotions to  stay stable.