Anxiety and quelling it

Yoga for your stress, anxiety and sad times

One of the best ways to quell some anxiety and even depression are some yoga moves. And a favorite pose of mine is wide legged straddle;opening up you legs wide and allowing your arms and head to slowly fall between your legs and staying with it for a few breaths, ore even longer! ( as long as you do not have vertigo or blood pressure difficulties).

The picture show a modified wide legged straddle that uses a block for your head and stabilizing your pose more by putting your elbows into the cushy parts of your knees.

Wide legged forward fold straddle

Wide legged forward fold straddle

I love modifications because you can still do the pose quite effectively, and be able to stay in the pose if you are having a rough day filled with worry and anxiety. Yoga poses such as wide legged straddle and wide legged child’s pose are very comforting.










With Child’s pose, you canĀ use some props such as a block, and it is a comfortable place to just be with yourself.

For some relaxing, stress reducing times, I love child's pose.

For some relaxing, stress reducing times, I love child’s pose.