Through my eyes

Seeing the world through my eyes is a unique perspective as is yours

my beautiful view of the country

You will find in life that not only your unique perspective, but your attitude carries you through life either with your head up or down.

And this contagious way brings light into your life; a special way of looking at things that you can pass along to others who may need to see through your eyes for a moment in time.

As a child I was blessed to be in beautiful surroundings, near water, a seasonal environment where I learned about changes in life. It taught me to honor everyone and everything in the world.

And as I age,  I am honoring this time too. It is a time in my life when I literally have time to  stop and smell the roses of life again like a child seeing the deep red soft color of a deliciously smelling rose.

Stay with this child’s eye for the rest of your life and find pleasure in the little things like a rose blooming or a quiet morning filled with sunshine. And seek out people to be with who have liked minds and want to experience the pleasures of nature along with the healing effects of breathing in nature with its wonderful greens, blues skies and warm crystal waters.

Rise early and see the sun and do not miss a sunset.

Capture as many moments as you can and begin to pass them along to others in a picture, words or a warm embrace.

Listen to the quiet of the morning with the birds singing their melodies of life.

Find your way to heal others through your hugs, soft, kind words and gentle ways.